International Conference
"Supercomputer Simulations in Science and Engineering"

September 6-10, 2016, Moscow, Russia




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Poster session

09 September 2016, 17.30-18.30, Hall, 4th floor

P1. Leonid Ivanovsky (P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University), Stable regimes of dynamic systems with impulive influences.
P3. Boris Korneev (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), DiamondTorre algorithm for large-scale fluid dynamics modeling.
P4. Elizaveta Shiriaeva (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Joint Institute for High Temperatures of RAS, Structure analysis of liquid water molecular dynamic models.
P5. Lev Barash (Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Science Center in Chernogolovka), Monte Carlo calculations with the population annealing algorithm - improvements and massively parallel realization.
P6. Kobil Haknazarov (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Joint Institute for High Temperatures of RAS), Calculation of Point Defects Migration Barriers in the SNAP Model.
P7. M.V. Magnitskaya (Institute for High Pressure Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Troitsk), Ab initio calculations of complex systems beyond the standard DFT approach.
P8. Ekaterina Dlinnova (Higher School of Economics), Finite-Difference Approximation Errors in Molecular Dynamics: Their Influence on Per-Atom Forces.
P9. Marina Fadeeva (Scientific Center in Chernogolovka, 142432 Chernogolovka, National Research University Higher School of Economics), ON THE ACCURACY OF WANG-LANDAU METHOD.
P10. Dmitriy Pashin (Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod), Capture into resonance a quantum particle moving in a double-well potential.
P11. A.A.Vnukov, A.Fomina (HSE NRU, Bauman MSTU), Efficient parallel algorithm for computing matrix of the robot gripper.
P12. S.K. Shikota (Science Center in Chernogolovka), Computerizing workplace with centralized scientific workflow systems.
P13. Rogov Anatoly and Menkina Alina (National Research University Higher School of Economics), Development of algorithms for load testing of high-performance applications.
P14. Anton Menshutin (Science Center in Chernogolovka), Performance evaluation of parallel diffusion-limited aggregation algorithm.
P15. Leonid Zotov and Veronique Vlasova (National Research University Higher School of Economics), Variations of the Ocean Bottom Pressure from GRACE satellites.